Bike tours Amsterdam

A great thing of these private bike tours through Amsterdam, is that you don't have to bike yourselve but you will be guided and brought in a rikshaw through the greatest streets of Amsterdam.

Amsterdam Highlights bike tour

HighlighttourThis private bike tour can be offered at any time, checking my agenda for availability is not necessary. If I am not available, other autonomous drivers who meet TomTours' assured high value and quality standards will be provided.

During this 90 minute tour you will be shown the most beautiful sights in Amsterdam, spectacular canal houses, the red light district, the major museums, the Vondelpark, the main public squares, and the most picturesque streets and alleyways. Now and then we will stop along the way for an informative commentary or to take a look behind what appear to be closed doors.
With TomTour' bike tours you'll not only learn about the city's history, you'll also get practical information that will enrich the rest of your stay. See also “I Amsterdam City card.”

1 hour: € 50

Jewish Amsterdam bike tour

Joods AmsterdamSince the end of the 16th century the Jewish community, and in particular the Sephardic community, played an important role in Amsterdam’s social, cultural and economic development. The horrors of World War II brought this to a drastic halt.
This private guided bike tour will introduce you to Jewish heritage sites that are still very much alive. You might also consider combining this tour with a visit to the "Hollandse Schouwburg", The Jewish Historical Museum and the Portuguese Synagogue, which is the oldest functioning synagogue in Europe and houses the oldest functioning Jewish Library in the world. A combo entrée ticket costs € 12 pp. but is free if you have an "I Amsterdam City Card"!

1 hour: € 50

The Jordaan - private bike tour

JordaanThis private bike tour through Thr Jordaan show you this great and famous part of Amsterdam. The huge influx of refugees at the beginning of the 17th century caused Amsterdam to burst at the seams. This resulted in a large-scale expansion of the famous "canal belt". On the western side of the city a working class neighborhood called the "Jordan" was built. Until the seventies of the last century the Jordan was known for its concentration of craftsmen and small artesanal shops.
Today the Jordan is a popular residential area with a high concentration of studios, boutiques, cafes and restaurants. Every Saturday morning there’s a farmer’s market at the “Noordermarkt” and the whole Saturday a street market on the adjacent Lindengracht.
On the edge of the Jordaan you’ll find the “Westerkerk” (Western Church) and the Anne Frank House.

1 hour: € 50

Wine luxury biketour - Amsterdam

Wine luxury tourThis private bike tour can be combined with all of the thematic bike tours through. 1 hour; € 50 2 hours; € 90 (wine excluded) While meandering through the city jungle we first will stop at a winestore where the wine specialist will help you choose the best bottle to accompany you on your further discovery of this buzzing and beautiful city. Then onwards we will go again through narrow streets, over squares, through central Vondelpark, the historical center, famous for its canals, through gentrified former working class as well as upper class neigbourhoods and this all flavoured by the wine and the stories of your passionate local guide and driver Thomas. "And then somewhere ages and ages hence you will be telling with a sigh..."

1 hour: € 50   •   2 hours: € 90 (wine exclude)

WW-II and Anne Frank

WW-II and Anne FrankBased on old photos I will take you back to the time the country was occupied. From the perspective of the photographer you can see how the streets looked between 1940-1945. With the pedicab we will follow various story lines that will bring life during the occupation closer: the step by step repudiation of Jews out of social life, the razzias and deportation, the hunger winter at the end of the war, the resistance, the Nazi propaganda, the daily life etc. Interwoven with the general history we will stand still at the life of Anne Frank.

1.5 hours: € 80

American history in Amsterdam

American history in AmsterdamFollowing different story lines we will meander the beautiful and lively historical city center by pedicab. After Thomas Jefferson formulated "The Declaration of Independence" in 1776, which would lead to the independence of the USA, The Netherlands after France would be the 2nd country to recognize this newborn nation. In 1782 John Adams, one of the co-authors of the declaration alongside Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin, became ambassador for the USA in the Netherlands. In Amsterdam he found merchants and bankers willing to loan significant sums of money for the building up of the nation. But also earlier American history was written in Amsterdam. In 1625 the Dutch West Indian trading Company (WIC) founded the colony New Netherland with New Amsterdam, the current New York city, as its capital. The headquarters of the WIC, from where the colonies were administrated was located in Amsterdam and as a building still exists. Another Dutch trading company, the Dutch East Indian Company (VOC), contracted the explorer Henry Hudson with the assignment to find an alternative sea route to Asia. In 1609 as the first European, Henry Hudson dropped anchor at the Island Mana Hatta, now called Manhattan.

1 hours: € 50

Custom package

Arrangement op maatIf you have something to celebrate and want to mark the occasion in an original way, let TomTours help make it a memorable success. TomTours can even arrange multiple bike-taxis for you and your guests. We can provide other autonomous drivers who meet TomTours’ assured high value and quality standards. There will be an additional charge for any extra preparation based on an hourly rate of € 50.

€ 50  per hour

Childrens birthday Party

VerlovingsarrangementAs an extra fun factor for a child's birthday party in for example the Vondel Park. If convenient I can help you with carrying items to the party zone. With everything prepared, the party can start. Children on your marks, get set and go for a joyful ride through the Vondel Park. What will we do along the way? Bird watching or play cops and robbers...are we the cops or are we the robbers? Or shall we simply go sightseeing through the park singing merrily together as we go along… or maybe all of the above! This ride can accommodate 3 children or one Mom or Dad with two children. Yippee!

€ 50  per hour